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The Pros of B2B Communications

Looking for a Better Way to Get the Job Done?


Are you facing the content gap?

Do you need more than just SEO word jumbles or dull, dreary text that doesn't get the story told? Wouldn't it be great to offer clear, concise writing that gets the message across, in a lively, informative style that's really worth reading?

Welcome to Word Mechanics. We're a partnership with decades of experience in business-to-business (B2B) media as writers and editors. We've delivered articles, projects and entire publications for one of the toughest audiences in media: business professionals and tradespeople.

B2B readers want information they can use in their offices and shops, in a way that's easy to understand and easy to trust. We've done the job for them in magazines, newspapers and online media. We can the same for you.

Have content needs? Want people who speak the language of B2B? Need someone who understands -- and meets -- deadlines? Try one of our professionals.


Emerson Schwartzkopf


em_pixWriter, Editor, Content Manager, Connector

* Well-honed reporting skills, tooled for today's media.
* Extensive background in start-up projects.
* Online initiator, from BBS to Web to Facebook and beyond.
* Deadline-driven





K. Schipper


K_pixWriter, Copy Editor, Reporter


* Always on time, whether the deadline is monthly, weekly, daily or within the hour.
* Experience in trade magazines, newspapers, radio.
* Can take a subject from general idea to defined concept to finished article;
* Self-starter.
* Skilled interviewer.